Digital fragmentation exploration

Pixel perfect discovery journey.


My art is an expression of digital art. It deals with the simplification of our perception of vision. Examining it under the scope and revealing the endless compositions in each and every frame.

As an artist, I’m intrigued by the aesthetics of pixels, arranged in a grid on the one hand, but also creating endless compositions and shapes on the other hand. The relations between pixel and its neighbour are also fascinating, ranging from monochromatic and almost inaudible to a radical or polarized shift.

As the observer realizes that the image is a pixelization of a digital image, he or she is challenged with trying to figure out what they are looking at.

During the process of creating the piece, I am questioning the boundaries between the original image, what is perceived as a low quality image, and what I define as the image’s hidden treasures. A good balance is when the aesthetic of pixels alone is fascinating, but still leaves hints to the big picture and generates curiosity.